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The energy efficiency concept is most often found in two possible meanings, one refers to devices, and the other to measures and behaviors. An “energy efficient device” is a device which has a high degree of efficient performance, i.e. small losses during the transformation of one type of energy into another. When it comes to measures, those measures used in order to reduce consumer energy are implied. One of those measures is sealing with aluminum strips. Sealing with aluminum strips protects us from many harmful factors of modern life, such as: emissions of ash and soot particles, waste heat, noise, sulfur and nitrogen oxides etc..

Technology of sealing with aluminum strips dates back to the period between the two world wars.
Creators of this sealing method are Jews. Strips are their invention, they made them from copper and brass too, and nailed them with nails, in order to save energy for heating. The company “DEKS” has improved, modernized and professionalized the whole idea.


  • Placed on the window or door frame, i.e. on the movable parts
  • Fixed by upholstery gun (stapler) to the edge of the seam
  • Strips are profiled and elastic, adjustable to the clearance, which is an advantage over a sponge or rubber
  • Effectively covers a clearance of up to 1.5 cm
  • Reduction of carpentry vibration
  • Protection against draught and wind 95%
  • Protection against dust and noise 80%
  • Increase in temperature up to 6 ° C
  • Heating savings 30%
  • High efficiency
  • Permanent warranty
Pre dihtovanja

ALUMINUM STRIPS comply with the following standards EN 573-3; EN 485-2; EN 485-4; EN 10204 3.1

ALUMINUM STRIPS are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of: Directive 2011/65 / EU (RoHS) and Directive 2000/53 / EC (ELV) which is confirmed by the mechanical-technological properties and chemical composition of the material.

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