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Factory for carpentry sealing strips’ production

We present you a factory for the production of aluminum strips for sealing windows, sealing doors and wooden joinery. Aluminum sealing strips are cast from duralumin, perfectly processed and ready for installation on your existing carpentry. Tens of thousands of sealing strips are produced in the factory.

Production is being done by special machines, particularly constructed by top – level engineers. The machines are used exclusively for the production of profiled strips.

These machines are the most modern for this type of products, and the capacity of the machines and the factory is about 10,000 meters per day. The production process is fully automated.

Application of aluminum sealing strips

The strips manufactured in our factory are used for sealing wooden joinery, more precisely, sealing windows and doors.

By applying aluminum sealing strips, savings of up to 30% are achieved on the costs of heating, and a very significant protection against the effects of external noise, as well as various particles from the air is achieved.

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